WemsFest SunFest 2019

We’re giving free sunflower seeds to every household in and around Emsworth. This is an enjoyable and colourful project that will help everyone to understand the importance of flowers to birds, bees, and our environment generally.

There will be a fun competition that will be judged at the Emsworth Horticultural Show on Monday 26 August at its new home outside Emsworth’s New Life Church.

Seeds are available from the following shops in Emsworth and Westbourne:


Citrus Flowers

Vin Wine Merchants

Emsworth Hardware

Westbourne Animal Feeds

Seeds are being provided to pupils at the following schools:

Emsworth Primary


St. James’


Thorney Island


Planting your sunflower seeds

Seeds can go straight into weed-free ground, or can be grown in a pot. They will do best in a sunny position

If planting in the ground, rake the soil so that it’s crumbly

Plant the seeds 12mm deep at least 45cm apart, or in separate pots

Protect against slugs and snails as shoots appear

Water regularly

Support the stem with a cane as the plant begins to grow

Please make sure that you only plant the seeds on your own property. Please do not plant them in any public places. Thanks.